Wicked cool time! Our whole group was in awe with the amazing work you did on the structures and costumes. We got a lot of laughs and shreaks along the way smileThanks for making my first Adult Haunted experience a great one! Can't wait to check it out again next year!



First time going to one of these outdoor experiences in a VERY long time. I have never really enjoyed them, found them to be hokey and a waste of time and money. Hear great reviews and decided I needed to check it out. Went with my friend and brought two carloads full of our daughters' friends (11 teenagers). AMAZING event! So much detail was put into the walk from beginning to end. I am amazed at how much there is to see. The actors were fabulous. I actually laughed the whole way through...not because it wasn't was, but because my friend and her daughters were so hysterical. Some of the boys screamed louder and were more freaked out than the girls! I will never forget the image of my friend twirling around in a circle only to fall down against a fence and hide her head on the ground while three of the actors stood around her taunting her. Of course none of us went to help her get up and away from them. Fabulous time! Will definitely be back next year. One wish...the circus area to be longer with more scenes to see. Loved the clown in the fog (creepy), and the girl on the trapeze! Definitely more circus 'freaks'. Thanks for a fabulous night!


Griffin   Durham, NH

This was amazing, there was no down points in the entire experience was great. Even when I was waiting in line I was entertained. There was a plethora characters to interact with. The pumpkins and tree sculptures were beautiful. And when you enter the haunted walk you are surrounded by pure terror.


Sam   Penacook, NH

I have never been to a haunted house or haunted walk before so Haunted Overload was my first experience, and it was absolutely AMAZING! The props were so life like. Sometimes I had a hard time telling if something was real or fake. I was very impressed with all the detail. The ticket price wasn't too bad, but I was well worth what I paid. I will definitely be telling all my friends about Haunted Overload. And I cant wait to see what is in store for next year! Great job! :)


Kim   Boston, MA

I have to say that this exceeded any and every expectation I ever held for any Halloween "event" (EVERY ONE I've ever been to) in my history of Halloween. I used to live in Lee and when I heard from friends who still live there, I thought "How serious can it really be?" How wrong I was. Haunted Overload was nothing short of ABSOLUTELY EPIC. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!! I'm bringing everyone I know.


Kerri    Exeter, NH

We LOVED Haunted Overload!!!! The whole overall experience was incredible and we have all ready recommended going there to EVERYONE we know!!  We brought our 13 year old daughter and her friend and they also LOVED it. Your actors were really into ,their roles and the special effects were amazing. I am now having nightmares about being chased with a!  Thanks again and we'll see you next year for sure!!


Anthony    Brooklyn, NY

I went to your Oct 23rd 8:30pm show. I had read a lot of reviews, and decided to make the almost 6 hour drive up to NH to see it. First, I must say that the atmosphere is astounding. The ambience, the actors, the displays, everything. Unreal. I lack the vocabulary to describe just how impressed I was. I'm in my 30's, have seen my share of Halloween shows, and have even been a feature in the NYC Halloween parade. Yours, sir, is second to none. After taking into account what I thought of your show, may I say that the ticket prices are VERY inexpensive. Not only that, but the donations you make from the proceeds is even more commendable than the experience! The staff is friendly, a nice lady sells water and cookies/fudge by the ticket booth, and even those prices are very low! (I'm the crazy NY'er that tipped her haha) To see such an attraction, at such a price, by someone who CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY does not do it for the money, (because I'd be surprised if you broke even) is a rarity in corporate America. There is no feeling of greed, none of business venture, no corporate inspired theme of any kind. It is absolutely refreshing to find such quality without the attachment of personal gain or corporate branding. Given the nature of the atmosphere and the quality of the show, I say this: Hands down, better than Disney World. May your god bless you, or should you be a fellow atheist: As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way. Brilliant job if I haven't mentioned it yet.

Randi    Brentwood, NH

What a great experience! My niece and I had a screamin' good time! All of the effects were fantastic! The scare tactics used, were perfect. Watching people jump out of their skins just made, me crack up. I wanted to come right back through again. Then, seeing the Headless Horseman at the end was icing on the cake. I, highly recommend Haunted Overload to anyone that likes a good scare. Great job!


Annie    North Hampton, NH

I just got home from your first full night of 2009. OMG!  My, husband, brother in law and I had the BEST time!!! The sets were, fantastic, your actors were creepy (I mean that in the best possible way!), and the lighting and sound were great. The best, effect of this year's show, was the green vortex at the end. We also loved the Headless Horseman. What made the show better were the girls behind us screaming and then laughing at themselves which I feel is the core of the efforts. You all did a wonderful job this year, and I'm coming back next year and bringing more, friends! Cheers, Haunted Overload!


Resa    Lee, NH

As a member of the town of Lee, I cannot even write the amount of buzz that was going around talking about this "Haunted Overload". I went with a group of friends to this Haunted Location, as we had visited the corn maze only a few days earlier. Now we are older kids, and never expected to actually get to the point where we would scream and feel the real feeling of being scared. We paid for our tickets and got into the rather long line. I thought I was going to get bored in this line, but actors came out and entertained. It was part of the experience no one expected! We made it through the maze, and I've got to hand it to the actors and producers of the set. Great job! I was screaming until my voice was gone! I loved the thrill and the excitement. I have been to many haunted houses over time and this was one of the most original sets I have seen yet! Great Job to you guys and I wish you the best of luck for 08 (I will be there!)


Peg      Kasilof,  AK

Nothing can compare to Haunted Overload! It's like being in the middle of a Tim Burton movie set. No stone is left undetailed. The colors, the textures, the farm setting, the mood and atmosphere left me spellbound. Lots of spooky fog and a big moon courtesy of mother nature added to what was already macabre. A headless horseman galloped in and out chilling us as we waited in line. Hundreds of lit pumpkins were beautifully spooky. A mix of real actors and monster statues kept you on edge not knowing which ones were real people going to animate and scare the peejeeters out of you. This is a must for anyone that loves Halloween or just a scare. My niece and I Morgan went through what must have been 20 times and were still scared on the last walk through. An unbelievably trippy experience in a perfectly spooky setting. Everyone involved is genuinely welcoming and warm. Just very nice down home folks. This experience was definitely worth the trip all the way from Alaska .If all goes well I'll be there in 2008! Heart felt thanks to all  those involved, you know who you are! And thanks for the spooktacular time.

Hugs and Kisses from the great white north Alaska.


Brenda     Berwick, ME

Our family had the most AWESOME time at the Haunted Overload event this year! The location of the farm in Lee, NH was absolutely perfect. Being outside in the darkness and hearing all the sounds of the just added to the whole adventure. First, the Headless Horseman was so cool. My younger son and his friend were not old enough to go on the walk, but they had a great time watching the Headless Horseman make his way through the fields and around the haunt. Very cool! Seeing some of the special effects, hearing the screams and interacting with some of the actors as they came out by the waiting line, made the evening a fun one for them. As for me and my family and friends, the haunted walk was unbelievable! I was absolutely scared out of my wits the whole time. I was constantly looking over my shoulder, my heart was racing and I was shaking all over! The special effects and the qualify of the actors were superb! I was amazed at their ability to pick out the "terrified person", and take it to a whole new level. I was a wreck by the time it was over, but after all was said and done, I couldn't say enough wonderful things about the whole experience. We had so much fun talking and laughing about all the different things that made us jump or scream, and about the many cool effects. Everyone also enjoyed seeing how petrified I was throughout the walk! We're still laughing about that! We have had so much fun telling our friends about the experience and are planning on making this an annual Halloween event. Nice job to everyone involved - this event is A - Number One!!!!!

Congratulations to your team!


Erica       Hudson, NH

I loved this haunted "house" well farm I am 12 and I was scared out of my mind aspechelly the house and that flashing light I went on Halloween night! that was the best haunted thing iv ever been to! (well that really scared me!) I ALWAYS send comments that this needed this and that needed that! etc. but overall this haunted farm was the best! I wish I could be a scarer but im only 12! from ur most scared customer.


Kristin     Amherst,  MA

The haunt was great! I came 2 1/2 hours with my family to celebrate my birthday and it rocked!! I have been to many different haunts and Halloween events, this one takes the cake!! The props and actors were incredible and the layout was fantastic. It was a rainy night but that didn't stop the fun! It did however make the parking lot very muddy and lots of cars were getting stuck and slipping down the hill. None the less it's a haunt I will definitely visit again! Thank you!


Kyle        Boscawen,  NH

This was GREAT! I loved it!!! So much fun! You can tell the actors really enjoyed what they were doing. I had a blast. A+++++ So much fun!!!!! Was the move worth it?


Renai     Newport,  NH

This was my first year for haunted overload and I was screaming the whole time! I have never been to anything like this the actors were great and the whole scene and music before entering really makes you feel the adrenaline rush before entering the haunted site. I would certainly come back next year, and for anyone wondering if it's worth the money or a bit of a drive I say Hell Ya!


Erica     Hudson, NH

AAA!! I went to Haunted Overload on HALLOWEEN and it was sooo amazing!! No better than amazing!! WICKED!! You out did yourselves. I was going to go to the day haunt, but I went too the hospital, and it was either Haunted Overload or free candy. I love getting scared! And it was soo cool! Now I live in Hudson and I can’t wait till next year, I’m sooooooo going!!  P.S I loved the ghost, the witch, the headless horseman, and I LOVED the zombie!! THE CHAIN SAW GUYS SCARED ME TOO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother peed her pants. ;D I did have a safe and a scary Halloween. I can’t wait till next season!!!! I am bringing all my siblings! NICE JOB THIS YEAR ;)