What is the cost?


Please check our Tickets page for current pricing.



How scary is it? Is it okay for children or people with health issues?



Haunted Overload is very intense and scary and may not be appropriate for young children, although we have no age restriction. It is recommended that children under the age of twelve not go through on a regular show night, and that any older child who might become badly frightened should forego the experience. Parents know their children best, and are welcome to bring them if they feel that they can handle the scares. People who are pregnant or have heart conditions or other health issues should use their discretion. Fright Night Lite is an excellent alternative for those who wish to attend but may become too frightened. Patrons can see the entire attraction with all the effects and lighting, but no scares.



How do I fix it if I purchased the wrong time or date?


If you need to change a time or date, or request a refund in advance, please use the contact link on the website and someone will be in touch shortly to help you with this issue.



What are the times and dates?


The schedule for this season is posted here on the website. 



Can I just show up and buy a ticket?


At Haunted Overload we use a reservation system to alleviate parking problems and long wait times. Tickets are purchased in advance online or at the farm stand. When a show sells out, no more patrons will be admitted until the next available show. Occasionally there is walk-up availability on slower nights like Sundays. As long as the show is not sold out patrons will be admitted, but a five dollar surcharge will be added to the ticket price.



How do I volunteer?


Interested volunteers can go to this website and click on the Howl for the Animals link to contact our stage manager. Information will be sent in a timely manner.



How do I get a refund?


Haunted Overload does not offer refunds if you miss a show. Your ticket will be cheerfully honored at a different show. Under some circumstances, a refund may be appropriate. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, you can contact us via the contact link on this website.



What if it's bad weather?


Haunted Overload is an all weather event. Patrons should plan for heat, cold, rain or even snow. However, in the event of a weather emergency, such as severe lightning, dangerous winds etc., we may cancel the night's performances. If this happens, weather cancellations will be posted on our website and Facebook pages, and at this number. Tickets will be honored at any of the remaining shows. If we have to cancel the last night of the season, a makeup night will be announced on our website.



Is it a hayride, walk or haunted house?


Haunted Overload is a haunted trail that winds through a dense patch of wooded area. It has uneven ground, twists, turns, hills and valleys. Patrons should wear appropriate footwear and dress for New England weather in October.



How do I get there?


Directions may be found on this website

The address for GPS is 66 Lee Road, Lee, NH.



How long do you work on the attraction?

Haunted Overload is a year-round effort by many dedicated people. After the show ends, it takes a month and a half to fully tear down. We start work on the video and web site changes by Christmas, and new construction begins as early as February. It never really stops…


How should I dress when I come to take the tour?

Haunted Overload is an outdoor, all-weather event. You should dress for New England in October. The temperatures can vary anywhere between 35 and 70 degrees. Be prepared for any kind of weather—fog, rain, sleet, or even snow. Good walking shoes are a must—it’s a lengthy walk on unpaved ground.


Can I take pictures or video?

We don’t allow videotaping or photography inside the haunt. Flash photography poses a safety risk for the actors, and you wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re busy filming. You can find a number of great photo and video images on the website that showcase the experience.


Will the monsters touch me?

We have a basic rule of thumb in the haunt business. "Touch nothing, and nothing will touch you."


How long is the tour?

Approximately 45 minutes—but it really depends on how fast you run. We will be adding more elements which will add to it's length as well as adding scares.


May I come in costume?

Costumes are welcome, but we ask that visitors not wear masks. Visibility is important inside the attraction for your own safety and for ours. If you wear a costume, please be sure to leave your mask in the car. It’s also a good idea not to wear anything bulky or hard to move in, so you won’t have difficulty maneuvering through the attraction.


Can I bring my dog/cat/ferret/snake?

Pets are not allowed at the attraction. This is to safeguard your animals, other attendees, and our actors.


Is the attraction handicapped accessible?

Every effort has been made to make as much of the attraction handicapped accessible as possible, but of course weather conditions and uneven terrain can limit that access. We encourage visitors with special needs to call ahead so that we can best arrange a tour tailored to their specific requirements.


Are there refreshments available?

There will be hot and cold drinks, as well as light snacks for sale outside the attraction.