The Day Haunt is a great opportunity to walk the haunted trails in the reassuring light of day. See the amazing props and sets without any scares. Patrons can meander through at their own pace and see all the details. This is an actor-free event that’s perfect for young children and the truly faint of heart.

Fright Night Lite allows patrons to experience all the spectacular lighting and sound effects with no monsters. This is our only scare-free evening, so come meet our friendly queue characters and experience the amazing artistry when nothing is chasing you. A great evening for children--or adults who still might not be ready for the full scare show, but wish to enjoy the haunt in darkness.

Haunted Overload is the award-winning horror show where we pull out all the stops. Twisted creatures wait around every turn in the most frightening patch of forest in New England. Our haunted trail is a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive Halloween experience that features our stunning sets, handmade props, and spectacular costumes in their most terrifying element. Not recommended for small children. There are three types of shows. Main Event, Blackout and Glow Stick.